385 Aardvark Avenue, Mountain Home Air Force Base, ID, USA

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Airman Resiliency Center

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Who We Are

The Airman Resiliency Center will focus on Air Force core values while also aiming to build on the foundations of mental, physical, and social resiliency. The Center will be host to many activities through the help of the Airman Council of Excellent (ACE), the Airman Dormitory Council (ADC), and volunteer managers.  These groups and individuals have worked together on activities geared towards Airmen E-4 and below.

What We Do

Airmen are also welcome to utilize pickup games, such as flag football, soccer, and basketball by checking out equipment from the Gunfighter Fitness Center, located in the same building, during the Fitness Center’s operating hours.   Food can be brought in to enjoy at all hours.  Airmen can bring in their own drinks and alcohol when the bar is closed.

Some amenities Airmen can look forward to:

  • A theater room with large leather seats, an Xbox, and a 85″ TV
  • A game room with loveseats, multiple wall mounted screens, and seven gaming stations
  • A bar with service to Airmen 21 and older
  • A refrigerator, microwave, and popcorn maker w/cabinet space
  • Wireless Internet access
  • DirectTV access to most TVs
  • A main hall with pool and ping pong tables, a dart board, a dance floor with karaoke/DJ station, and three TVs.