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School Liaison Office

The average military family moves 9 times over a 20-year career. With each move, military children face many school-related challenges.

What is a School Liaison?

The School Liaison is the central point of contact for school-related matters between commanders, military families, and local school systems. The School Liaison offers a wide spectrum of services to include:

  • School Transition Services
  • Support for Inbound/Outbound Transfers
  • Local School Resources
  • Special Needs District and Community Contacts
  • Military and Community Resources
  • Base Leadership, School and Community Coordination
  • Partnerships in Education
  • Post-Secondary Preparation
  • Home School Support

The School Liaison is a member of the Child and Youth Program and is here to help you and your child with all your schooling needs.

See more information about local schools and military support on the Mountain Home Air Force Base’s Education Page.

Did you know we have a School Advisory Committee?

The School Advisory Committee is made up of volunteer parents who want to make a difference by helping to improve the overall education climate in the local area. The School Advisory Committee’s mission statement is SUPPORT, ADVOCATE, & COMMUNICATE. If you would like to address the committee with an education-related issue (public school, charter school, homeschool, virtual school, etc.) please “like” our SAC Facebook Page, where you may ask questions, comment, and/or view the meeting minutes and updates on this page.

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