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Monday Dec 04

Wagon Wheel Dining Facility (DFAC)

Who We Are

Wagon Wheel is the official Mountain Home AFB dining facility (DFAC). We are dedicated to serving customers fresh and tasty food daily. Wagon Wheel offers a 21 Day menu with 5 grab n go items, as well as grill and deli sandwich options, with fresh vegetables, breads and tasty meats. Our staff is dedicated to serving you with a smile and a quick stop to get a bite to eat before you head back to work.

Essential Station Messing (ESM) Members
Most enlisted personnel who reside in the dorms are meal card holders. Meal card holders are referred to as ESM customers. ESM customers are the primary customers of the dining facility.

ESM Forums
Quarterly, an ESM forum is held to voice concerns, requests and to make suggestions to the Food Service Operation. Each squadron is invited to send a representative to participate in these forums.

Planning a formal dine-in meeting or event? Call or email (366FSS.FSVF.DFAC@us.af.mil) us to reserve the U-Shape table for breakfast, lunch or dinner meeting, or DV visit. Plan accordingly, space is limited. Allow 24-48 business hours to confirm a reservation.


What We Do

The Wagon Wheel Dining Facility offers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight meals Monday through Friday. On weekends, holidays and wing down days, brunch, supper and midnight meals are offered for a more leisurely dining schedule. Our staff takes pride in their meal preparation and looks forward to offering our customers the finest service.

Looking to live a healthier lifestyle? Go for Green and eat well to perform. Check out these healthy eating habits to make a change for the better: Go For Green Guide

Please take a look at our Dress Code before entering our facility. Thank you.