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Transition Assistance Program (TAP)

Transition Timeline (congressionally mandated)

Initial Counseling and Pre-Separation – Must be completed prior to 365 from DOS and must be completed before you can attend TAP.
TAP – Recommended to be completed 6-12 months from DOS
Optional 2-Day Track Classes: Employment, Entrepreneurship, Education, and Vocation. Recommended to be completed any time after TAP and before your Capstone.
Capstone – Must be completed prior to 90 days from DOS. Set this up with your Transition Counselor at the AFRC.

Refer to the Managing Your Transition Timeline for more information

Starting TAP

Read: TAP Initial Counseling EmailFully read the information, complete the needed tasks, and return the requested documents to your TAP counselor. In all there will be 6 attachments to return (5 for officers)

Call the AFRC at 208-828-2458 to determine your TAP counselor.

TAP Documents for IC/PS

Self Assessment, Tracks, and IC for Clients
Statement of Understanding (SOU)
Fillable Individual Transition Plan (ITP) 
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Pre-Separation Information and Resources

Pre-Separation Resource Guide (FY22)
Tricare – Retiring from Active Duty
VA Healthcare Information provides resources for Separatees and Retirees.

Additional TAP resources can be found at DODTAP.mil under the Resources/FAQ section and also at TAPevents.org